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The latest ultra high-speed, phase scanner


The compact Leica HDS6100 features several major "next generation" advances that increase the versatility, portability, and productivity of ultra high-speed, phase-based laser scanning for many plant, architectural and heritage as-built survey applications.


The HDS6100 replaces the Leica HDS6000 scanner, the industry's most popular phase-based scanner. The Leica HDS6100 offers users these advantage for ultra high-speed, phase-based laser scanning:


  •  Compact design with scanner, scan control panel, data storage, and battery integrated into a single,easy-to-carry unit
  •  79m range, based on ambiguity interval
  •  Three scanner control options: integrated side panel, wireless PDA, or full laptop control
  •  Higher accuracy for each single point measurement and greater precision
  •  High scan density
  •  Extended temperature range


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